Friday, May 25, 2007

The hands have it.

Yesterday I had my hands read. I had my hands read and manipulated by a reflexologist. Until yesterday I had no idea what a reflexologist was, or did. Well, not surprisingly, a reflexologist is a practitioner of reflexology. Reflexology must be a science because it has an "ology" in it! Reflexology is an alternative therapy system whereby parts of the body, including internal organs can be stimulated by massaging areas on the soles of the feet and hands which are linked by energy channels to those organs. Also, by feeling and manipulating hands or feet the reflexologist can pick up on or detect disorders in these other parts of the body. I have to say that I tend to be skeptical when it comes to things like this, but after hearing positive accounts from work colleagues who had seen this same reflexologist, I decided to give it a go.
I sat down with the lady and after cleaning my hands on a wet-wipe, she applied an oily substance to my hands and began feeling, massaging and manipulating them - all very pleasant. Before any of this, I asked her how they knew about these links to other organs. The answer really was that she didn't really know, but it was an ancient knowledge going back thousands of years. I need a time machine to go back and ask the same question - and to learn the ancient language of course, otherwise how else could I ask the question?
After a couple or so minutes, she asked me to relax my shoulders, and I realised I was rather tense. I kept watching her expression wondering if she had picked up on any terrible affliction I might have but she didn't want to worry me about. Presently she spoke, asking me if I had a headache. The answer was "no" I didn't have a headache. She then told me I had blocked sinuses. This was spot on - I have suffered from blocked sinuses for as long as I can remember. She then suggested I had a problem with my ears. Again this was correct, as I am high-tone deaf and sometimes wear a hearing aid. She said I should wear it more often. She then repeated that my sinuses were really badly blocked, more so on the right side. This corresponds with my hearing loss which which is more pronounced on the right. I was waiting for her to pick up on my sciatica, but she never mentioned it. Can reflexologists detect sciatica?? - I don't know. The session ended and that was that. I feel that there may be something in reflexology. It deserves further investigation.....if I can be bothered and can find the time. I must do something about my sinuses though!

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