Friday, June 29, 2007

Hunger pangs

I'm feeling hungry, and its coming up to lunch time. The problem I'm having is deciding what to eat. If I go straight home, (I'm on a work break at ther moment) I'll probably end up having beans on toast with a couple of poached eggs on top. On the other hand, my body is screaming at me to go by the chip shop and have large cod and chips - oink, oink! My wife thinks I am a pig - or at least thats what she tells me. I've got a slightly podgy belly. I say slightly because of the enormous man - mountains I see walking about - and I am NOTHING like that. In fact, unless you saw me in my underpants (which you ain't going to) you might not even suspect I had a podgy belly - the outer apparel hides it well. Even so, I am concerned about my weight, body morphology and diet. However, everything in moderation seems a good get out clause. But hang on - everything in moderation - does that include heroin or bing drinking? Can you be a moderate bing drinker? Gosh, life is complicated. Of course, another worry is that I might have my fish and chips and then tonight my wife will decide we should have fish and chips for tea, and then its not in moderation any more. To make matters worse, she'll probably ask me what I had for lunch, and me not being able to tell a lie will have to tell her. Then we won't be able to have fish and chips because I've already been a pig and had it! I think I can see the direction I am heading. Beans on toast with two poached eggs it is!!

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