Monday, July 07, 2008

Get it Right!

I was watching a religious channel on the TV the other night - as you do. It was a film about evolution and how it isn't true because the world was created by God in a bored moment, or something. Anyway, what made me want to throw a brick through the screen (I didn't 'cos its a new set and cost us a lot of dosh) was that they couldn't even get the most basic fact about the subject right, and that just gets soooooo much under my skin. What was it that annoyed me so much???? It was that they were claiming that the theory of evolution was claiming that man evolved from apes!!!!! NO WE BLOODY DIDN'T. The theory of evolution states that Man and the Apes evolved from a COMMON ANCESTOR. And that my friend, is a whole world of difference. The fact is that these religious types do not understand science. They think they do, and they will try and make you think they do as well. And they've never read a Richard Dawkins book. Pah!

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