Sunday, November 23, 2008

Film Review - Quantum of Solace

This afternoon I went to my local picture house to catch up on James Bond's latest exploits.

Quantum of Solace has been criticised in two areas. One is that it is so fast moving that it is difficult to keep up with. The second is that it lacks humour.

First off, I liked the fast action, although I could have done with longer intervals between each transition, it was blindingly fast. I did discover that if you just relaxed your mind, stared at the screen, didn't think about it, and just let it all wash over you, then I found it easier to follow. I had a little extra difficulty earlier on in the film because despite the fast action and the loudness of the sound-track, I fell asleep several times. This was probably because I was tired out from putting together the tall-boy cabinets I bought at Ikea !

Secondly, it did lack humour. Even so, the very lack of humour actually seemed to make it more humorous. I found bits to laugh at, but then maybe I'm just a bit weird. Some of the action sequences, well actually - most of the action sequences - were so outrageous and downright impossible that I found it funny - it made me smile. He should have been wiped out a hundred times over, but that is one of the great joys about Bond films - they are escapist fantasy.

Overall, I thought the film was brilliant and it will probably find its way into my DVD collection. Go see it.

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