Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gosh its snowing

I drove some 100 odd miles this evening. Some of it was through flurrying snow. This was of no surprise to me given the fact that it is winter and February, at that.

And yet, its all over the news like there's something unusual about getting snow in winter. Ok, so its not as common these days, and yes, we might be about to get the biggest blanketing of the stuff for several years. So what? The worst snow we get in this country is as nothing compared to other parts of the planet. If we get a few centimeters its a big deal. Trains stop running, schools close, people stay away from work, and the whole fabric of society breaks down. Are we really such a bunch of wimps?

When I was a child snow was the norm for this time of the year. Our family owned a sled which we used to drag to the shops and pulled the groceries home on it. We coped. Society didn't grind to a standstill. Throwing snowballs, building snowmen and igloos was as normal in the winter as swimming in the sea was in the summer.

Come on. lets get real!

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