Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sir Nigel Charges Through

This morning I went to get a new tyre put on my car. I took my camera (or rather, one of my cameras) along with me, not because I have a fetish for photographing car mechanics at work, but rather I had been reminded by my wife that a steam train was passing through at about the same time. So, leaving the car on the ramp, I wandered down the road and looking up the line I spotted a pool of smoke rapidly heading my way.

I quickly walked back to a better viewing position and then it appeared - Sir Nigel Gresley as "The Christmas Tynesider" steaming its way up to Newcastle. The time was 08.15, exactly the time I had been advised it was due.


ron mcadam said...

i was 12 years old when i first bagged Sir Nigel. sitting on the steep bank in Potters Bar i spotted the bending tower of smoke from behind the distant trees a mile away. and then there it was speeding towards a skinny excited youth thinking will it stop in time at Kings Cross!!!

Anonymous said...
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