Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This evening my youngest son, having viewed my blog for the first time commented that there isn't really much to write about, in that everyday life isn't that interesting. That isn't a quote, of course, more my interpretation of what he said. I think there's a criticism in there somewhere - he was probably being tactful to be kind. I suppose he has a point. I could say - "got up, went to work, came home, watched telly and went to bed". I suppose, many people would identify with this rather generic description of a typical day. Some people seem to be living one long adventure, conquering new peaks every day. However, I think that in even the most exotic living locations and lifestyles people would still pretty much say the same thing. I have lived in many different locations in the world, and even though people would pay a lot of money to visit them, living there becomes routine once you've got over the initial surge of explorotary fascination. Where I live now, here in Cambridgeshire, it all seems very ordinary and, well, boring. The countryside is flat for as far as the eye can see, mainly devoid of trees. You can drive for miles without seeing anything of any particular interest. And yet, people come from all over to spend their holidays here. I have become blind to the positive aspects of my environment. Being a keen photographer helps me over this, because it forces me to look around me and see things differently. Since most of my photography takes place in this area, I've learn't to find pictures, inspiration and interest in all sorts of things which would otherwise have just passed me by. Without photography, I would probably have found very little interest around here and be contemplating moving away.

I am fortunate in that I have lived what many people would call an exciting life. Its all a matter of perspective. Things which excite me might be a complete turn off for someone else. I get excited when I think I've taken a really creative photograph, or hear beautiful music. As I write this I am listening to Pachelbel's Canon which is so beautiful, I am quite literally carried into another world when I hear it. The everyday things can be things of beauty, interest, and for some, even adventure.

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