Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Day after the Night Before

Last night we went Ten Pin Bowling. League bowling. We played against a really good team. Fortunately for us, the handicap system levelled the odds and we beat them. They were very gracious and sporting in defeat. I only fowled twice. I've been trying not to fowl at all. Must be my long legs, or maybe my shoes are too long! It never used to happen. My wife played well. She scored higher than me, although I have a lower handicap than her. When she is on form she is REALLY on form. One night she scored 200. I've never managed to top that. She had her name up in the high scorers list over the reception desk. That was in the previous bowling alley we used to play in. Its now condemned - due for demolition some time soon! I used to play there in the 1960's - happy days.

The fun of last night had its knock on affect today. I'm feeling really tired and I've got a pain in the right knee. Must be the pressure on that leg at the moment of launching the 16lb bowling ball. The upshot is we're not going to the gym tonight, staying in to watch the new series of "The Apprentice" instead.

I felt the urge to write tonight, but I'm not feeling that inspired. This entry is more cathartic I suppose. I've had a busy day at work and had to work a bit later to tie up loose ends as I'm having a day out tomorrow. Hopefully, something deep and insightful might come to me. Anyway, today's entry is more in the spirit of a blog - on line diary, although I never used to write a diary in this style. I did a page a day noting down in intricate detail my daily comings and goings. In the end, it got too much, or I got too lazy - not sure which. I've got an idea to talk about dreams and false memories. Then there's reincarnation - now THAT'S interesting - and a bit weird. Time to go.

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