Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President

So we have a new president of the United States.

I find him very heartening and was impressed by his inauguration speech.

I find it rather sad that so much import is put upon the colour of his skin, although given the racial prejudice we find in the world, and the sad history of the US in this area, I can understand it.

Even so, the fact that he is black is not what impresses me. It is his sheer intellect, rapport and likability. While it is remarkable that a black man has been elected to this office, what matters are what he actually does and the extent to which he makes the world a better place.

I wish him well.

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Andy Mule said...

I wish him well too, as well as I am sure the rest of the decent corners of the world do, but you can't turn a pile of shit into a pile of gold. In four years time at the end of his term, it is without doubt that Muslims will still be hating Jews, Jews will still be hating Muslims, human beings will still be basically selfish, people will still be starving, the rich will still not share their wealth, and the poor will still not help themselves, and do you know what?.......NOBODY WILL BE READING MY BLOG THEN EITHER!

But hey, it's nice to dream for a day isn't it?