Friday, January 16, 2009

Shame on Israel

I don't normally get political, and some may take this as just that. Even so, I feel compelled to write something on the insane and brutal attack on Gaza by Israel.

A few days ago I watched "Schindler's List". Anyone who has seen it cannot but be moved at this very graphic and moving true story from the Holocaust. Given the agonies and trauma the Jews have been subjected to down the ages, one would think that they would be determined not to commit those same atrocities themselves.

Whilst I feel some sympathy for their outrage at the rocket attacks from Gaza, their actions in Gaza are reminiscent of the Nazis. They are acting like monsters, out of all proportion with the rocket attacks. They are committing mass murder - nothing more, nothing less. They have the blood of hundreds of children and innocent people on their hands. The way they are going about it is completely over the top and one sided. And yet, the west does not condemn them. They make the noises of peace makers while standing on the sidelines supporting genocide by their reticence to call it what it actually is.

Israel (an illegitimate state) should be roundly condemned, and thoroughly ashamed. They are storing up untold horrors for the future, as their crimes against humanity will not be easily forgotten - or forgiven.

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