Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remains of the Day

Life is complicated. I find the best way to cope with all the complexities of the day is to try and compartmentalize its different facets. Wait - did I say Day? Yes I did. You have to take life one day at a time and try and achieve as much out of each day as if it were your last.

Today was such a day when I got up and the whole world seemed to be closing in with everything needing doing or sorting. The best solution was a large bowl of "Just Right" cereal followed by a quick tidy up of my immediate surroundings - a recliner settee covered in the half processed and unread detritus of the past working week. Why working week? Because with my wife and I working 8 till 5,  there's not much time for housework or tidying during the week, what with a darling dog bitch boxer pig-dog to walk, feed, water and love - as well as a black cat which keeps crossing our paths, is always hungry, fat, laid back and loves the boxer pig-dog so much she occasionally shares her bed with her. Being incredibly fit people, we also go to the gym more or less regularly. There's nothing like a good work-out, a good sweat in the sauna and a spell in the steam room until you have to leave because you can't breath any more!

And so today, we finally got our act together and did the thing we'd been planning and musing over for many a month - widening our driveway by converting one third of the lawn to a crazy paving type affair with stones in between. This was necessary because we were fed up with the lawn getting driven over, and the driveway being narrow to the point that it was difficult to park the limo so you stepped out onto concrete and not waterlogged lawn or mud. The job took much grunting and digging and wheel-barrowing vast quantities of lawn mud to form an artificial mountain at the bottom of the back garden, 2 trips to the garden centre as we mis-judge the number of bags of stones we needed. It was all worth it. It looks good - at the moment. We finished it in the almost - dark of nightfall, no time to work on it tomorrow.

And so, we felt we deserved the unbridled indolence which followed of crashing out in front of the TV with no feelings of guilt or "I should really be doing" such and such.

I felt the public made the wrong choice for our entry into Eurovision. It should have been Mark, though the twins looked the part - for Eurovision, that is. I liked the song, but didn't feel it was strong or catchy enough to win, not that we will win anyway with all this political block voting so unbeloved of Terry Wogan. And talking of Wogan, I am not sure I want to watch Eurovision any more as he and his witty witticisms were the one thing which made this annual pseudo-musical farce bearable with a smattering of entertainment value.

Thats it - busy day tomorrow - I'm off to bed.

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