Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Surfs up

Jason walked down onto the Florida beach with his girl pressing up hard by his side. They carried surfboards, beach towels and strong wine. It was three in the afternoon and the beach, all but for them, was deserted.

They found an open flat area of beach, just a few yards from a turtle’s nest. The eggs would never hatch. The turtle had dragged its way onto the beach in vain. The tides and phases of the moon were of no avail.

Jason and Mary, having laid out the blankets for their brief respite of comfort slowly removed each others clothes. Jason caressed Mary’s soft and warm breasts while she pulled down his pants, fondling him and sucking on the nape of his neck.

Fully naked, they intertwined their snaking bodies for one last orgy of lustful love-making. Their synchronised orgasms were explosive – like no other, they moaned and yelped in ultimate ecstasy.

They opened the wine.

“OK.” said Jason, gazing emotionally into her tearful eyes, “Here’s to life”!

They took turns in slowly gulping it into their bodies, savouring each drop. As their sensitivities slowly mellowed and their heads began to swirl, the wind started to increase. The sea began to withdraw, first slowly and then at a pace.

For one last time, they took their surf boards and ran to the ocean, readied themselves and waited. The wave reared higher and higher. Finally at around seven hundred feet high, they started the ultimate surf ride on the toe of the curve . The arching wave finally crashed over them, their bodies crushed and pulverised in mutual oblivion.

The comet, having stuck a thousand miles out into the ocean, was just beginning its work of transforming the planet for the next few hundred million years. The sky was turning dark………