Thursday, December 01, 2011

Clarkson on Strike

So Jeremy Clarkson has upset a few people by saying on TV the public sector strikers should be shot in front of their families. OK, its a rather sick thing to say, but anyone with half a brain cell must realise he was joking - which, of course he was! Unison, on the other hand were seeking urgent legal advice to see what action they could take against him, but are now reported to have accepted his apology. Just as well, as they would only be demonstrating how ridiculous and absurd they are. I have seen many on line comments from strikers deriding the union as they fully realise it was just a joke.

Anyway, what about this strike? Given that we are living through a time of high and rapidly increasing unemployment in the midst of the worst financial crisis in living memory, should the strikers not be grateful they have a job in the first place? What makes them so special that they feel they need to cause massive inconvenience and loss to others, most of whom do not have the option of their generous pensions - even allowing for the proposed changes?  If they think they are hard done by they  should visit Africa where they will see real poverty in every direction, making even the worst paid public servant over here look rich in comparison. They should stop whinging and show some gratitude for what they have, rather than moaning about what they think they think they won't have. Let's also not forget our servicemen who are risking and losing their lives daily and do not have the luxury of the right to strike. It's time for a reality check.