Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Dawn

Well, here we are on the cusp of a new year and I haven't written anything since August! How can this be? Have I gone brain dead or something (don't answer!). Have I lost interested in everything? Is there nothing I feel inspired to write about? Well, there have been a lot of things which have caught my interest, but I have just not been motivated enough to write anything, I suppose I have just been going through a phase of extreme lazyitus.

This is all about to change - no wait!........It HAS changed by virtue of the fact that I am actually writing at this moment. I have announced to my children my desire to start blogging again and have been given some sage advice from one of them and that is to stay off the subject of religion. Well, you don't have to look back very far in my blog postings to get a hint of my leanings in that direction, so I won't comment again unless some news story just sits up and begs comment, so I guess it wont be long then......!

Christmas has come and gone and we have all been caught up in the spirit of love and forgiveness for our fellow man - or woman. Of course we have. Have we bollocks?!?.....not a literal question of course as it is clear we don't all have bollocks mainly due to gender related constraints, but if the spirit of love and forgiveness has been adopted then life will be so much better from now on. People will no longer be winding me up so much and I might even change my attitude to humanity in general! Life is about relationships, and if people choose to be shit in their relationships with others then that is their  business, but please don't involve me in that as I have enough issues of my own without having other people's pathetic hang ups dumped upon me all of which could be easily done away with by a simple change of attitude and the realization that life is too short to go around baring grudges. However, I have no faith whatsoever that when the Christmas/New Year break is over and I step boldly back out into the daily grind, anything will have changed. 

Even so, there will still be moments of great positivity and inspiration with people giving of themselves to others in a completely selfless and sacrificial manner. These are people who refuse to be drawn into the norms of human selfishness, hate, depravity and greed, who will not just go that extra mile for their fellow man, but many miles - even to the point of collapse. Most of these people go unnoticed and in the main, unreported. Many will not be acting in response to any religious beliefs, but just to their common humanity to their fellow man. They are not looking for fame or fortune, but just following their instincts and love in the service of others. Most people are decent and kind, though some believe that charity starts at home while forgetting that home is not meant to be the end point! I am of course aiming these musings at myself as well as anyone who might be reading this, as I don't want this to sound like some sanctimonious sermon which turns people off and makes them want to reach for their vomit bag! I just find certain aspects of life, and humanity in general very depressing and I believe it would only take a very small change in common decency and the way people act to transform the world and society in general to being a much kinder and more tolerant place.

Here's wishing a very happy and fulfilling new year to all my readers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

India on Mars

Whilst I am a great supporter and advocate of space exploration, I do not understand why India is even thinking of spending billions of rupees on sending a probe to Mars to study no doubt what the Americans have already done anyway, while they have untold millions living in absolute squalor and poverty.

Seems to me a reality check and a radical review of priorities is in order.