Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finite Infinity Paradox

I have been giving some more thought about my previous post where I stated my belief that the universe is infinite. It has occurred to me that there is a problem  here and it is this: no matter how distant two objects might be apart in the universe, the space between them can only ever be finite. Similarly, if we consider two objects which start off touching, and then start moving away from each other, in order for them to be an infinite distance from each other they need to continue moving away for an infinite length of time. However, this cannot happen because no matter how much time goes by, it will always be finite and so will the distance separating the two objects. It would therefore follow (call this McAdam's Infinity Paradox if you like - I have not read these ideas expressed anywhere else) that in an infinite universe physical objects may only approach a separation of infinite distance, but never reach it.

We now find ourselves in an infinite universe where all distances can only ever be finite.

Perhaps the idea of infinity should be viewed as a concept rather than a physical reality, and that spacial distances are actually an illusion because of our own particular limitations in our perceptive ability. Consider that two particles on the atomic scale which are super-entangled will affect each other instantly and independent of the speed of light no matter how great the separation between them. In what sense can we say that there is a spacial distance between the two particles given that they act as if there is not? Could distance itself be an illusion?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Taxi of death

Driving near Heathrow last night I was shocked at the incredibly bad driving of a taxi driver.

I was waiting to enter a busy major roundabout when a London Cab shot past my right hand side with no regard whatsoever for the traffic already on the roundabout. It cut right across two cars causing them to swerve and brake violently, as well as honking their horns - as you would expect.

How do you account for such terrible driving in someone who is supposed to be a professional driver with responsibility over the lives and safety of others? If you were on a plane going on holiday and the pilot adopted the same mentality in flying the plane you would never fly again, that is of course assuming you survived the flight!

Taxi drivers have always had a bad press, and I am sure a large proportion of them are very good and do provide a professional and safe service, but unfortunately there are many, in my experience, who perpetuate the negative stereotype. I have experienced most aspects of this stereotype at various points in my life with taxi drivers being downright rude, arrogant, overcharging, not sticking to agreed pricing, and driving recklessly.

It did occur to me after last night's experience that maybe that particular taxi was actually stolen, but on the other hand, with it being a taxi, I wasn't really that surprised.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Shall we Dance?

So its finally happened! Two women dancing together on "Strictly Come Dancing". 

If you are a regular viewer of this weekly spectacle and don't quite connect with this, the answer is because I am talking about the Israeli version of the show. The contestant is a lesbian, and the professional is not. Needless to say, the religious intolerants are up in arms. Good. This shows them up for what they are - bigoted. Reminds me of when some witches opened up a shop on my local High Street. The local religious leaders were up in arms. Good. Anything which gets their backs up is fine by me - so long as its harmless of course!!

Anyway, back to our dancing belles. As a red blooded male, I found a certain fascination watching their routine. It did seem kind of weird though, seeing two women dancing so passionately and somewhat erotically together. I can't say I found it a particular turn-on - maybe a sign of my age, or just that it was somewhat "outside the box" of  my normal viewing experience. Did I find it offensive? - No. Do I want to see it again? - Not particularly, though it will no doubt appeal to some.

Then I got to think a bit more about it, and it does seem that women , not just the lesbian variety, do have some rather quirky ways. Why do so many women dance together at parties? This is somewhat a common occurrence, but how often do you see men dancing together? The former is very much seen as the norm (more or less), but the latter definitely is not. Another thing women seem to like to do together at parties or other social occasions is visit the loo. What's that about? And then we come to the ultimate experience that women like to do together - shopping!!

I suppose, all in all, the latest "Strictly" development is not really so strange. How long will it be before you see two men dancing together? How outraged will the "moral high grounders" be then? How long will it be before we see this happening on our own British version of the show? Do I care? - Not really.