Friday, November 12, 2010

Taxi of death

Driving near Heathrow last night I was shocked at the incredibly bad driving of a taxi driver.

I was waiting to enter a busy major roundabout when a London Cab shot past my right hand side with no regard whatsoever for the traffic already on the roundabout. It cut right across two cars causing them to swerve and brake violently, as well as honking their horns - as you would expect.

How do you account for such terrible driving in someone who is supposed to be a professional driver with responsibility over the lives and safety of others? If you were on a plane going on holiday and the pilot adopted the same mentality in flying the plane you would never fly again, that is of course assuming you survived the flight!

Taxi drivers have always had a bad press, and I am sure a large proportion of them are very good and do provide a professional and safe service, but unfortunately there are many, in my experience, who perpetuate the negative stereotype. I have experienced most aspects of this stereotype at various points in my life with taxi drivers being downright rude, arrogant, overcharging, not sticking to agreed pricing, and driving recklessly.

It did occur to me after last night's experience that maybe that particular taxi was actually stolen, but on the other hand, with it being a taxi, I wasn't really that surprised.

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