Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time for change?

I note at this time of the General Election there is a lot of talk that it is time for a change. Thats what the prevailing mood was in 1997, and look where it got us!!! This is all well and good provided the change is a change for the better, and not just more of the same - or worse.

However, being a person who looks, sees, and observes, I have noticed that while people may well be of this state of mind, its often a different story when the change is something being asked of them, and not someone else. Nothing stays the same for ever. Systems change, Organizations change. Governments change. Companies change. The rules change. Technologies change and the way we have to do things change.

If we are going to move forward and progress in life, in society, and as individuals, then we all have to accept change.

For many people, particularly those set in their ways, change demanded of them comes hard, and difficult to accept. However, for those who embrace it, life is much better and holds out new and unexpected possibilities.

However, at this point I wish to make a "health warning", and it is this: change for the sake of change is negative, counterproductive and often demoralizing. Change which is deliberately brought about should only be for constructive reasons, and anything else is destructive.

Ultimately, change comes to all of us whether we like it or not. Its just a fact of life - embrace it and move on.