Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fen Run

This evening I took part in a 6 mile "fun run" organised by one of the local running clubs across Farcet Fen. I am planning to run in a ten mile road race at Henlow in Bedfordshire in November. I have been going to the gym regularly training on the treadmill, doing weight training, swimming, saunering and jacouzying to keep myself fit, as well as going out training with the running club. I decided I would set myself a target of running the Henlow 10 in 70 minutes or less. This evening's run was pleasant, though tiring (no pain, no gain) over completely flat farm tracks. I decided to run it like a race to see how near I am to my target.

Following a brief briefing by the starter with the klaxon, we set out across the Fen. I decided to stick with the leading group who were the green vested "Eye" (village near Peterborough) runners. They were all about half my age. I managed to stay with them for a little over the first two miles, before the strain of keeping pace demanded I slow a little. They gradually receded from me. I looked back after a right angled corner to see the other 50 or so runners far behind me and stretching off as far as I could see. I was confident that I was making a relatively good time - or maybe (probably) the others weren't racing - it was only me.

Eventually the fifth mile marker appeared and I was into my last mile. Summoning the energy to increase my pace I cantered up to the finishing point with onlookers encouraging me on. Thankfully, it was a pub run and I was glad of the drink afterwards.

My time was 49 minutes. This means I have got to improve a lot if I am to get anywhere near my Henlow target. Maybe I need to lower my sights, I'm not as young as I used to be (who is?) ............but then.................maybe not. No pain, no gain.

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