Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Questions

There is a programme on the TV on Sunday mornings called “The Big Questions”. My wife likes it. My wife watches it. The other Sunday she was unable to watch it as we had to go out. Having recently forgiven Sky TV for their past misdemeanours in the after-service department, we have recently taken out a new contract with them and have Sky Plus. So………we recorded “The Big Questions” for later consumption.

This past weekend, we were away in Scotland. My wife had a falling accident and hurt herself, so much so, she spent a night in hospital before I was able to (very carefully) transport her home the following day. The doctor said she must have 24 hour care so I am not allowed to leave her unattended for the next few days. I am therefore not going to work for the moment at least.

Bored with the mid-week daytime TV, we decided to watch the recording of “The Big Questions”.

This programme is one of the pseudo-religious affairs where they talk about all sorts of social problems and issues with a live audience. There are always a mixture of people from a number of different religions – and no religion. So….you see the odd dog collared vicar, scull-capped Rabbi, bearded Muslim, habited nun or robed monk etc.

One of the big questions which caused a lot of shouting and argument amongst these ambassadors for God was whether there should be a division between Church and State. The conversation turned into an argument about how awful it is that the Heir to the Throne cannot marry a Roman Catholic. This caused much excitement and shouting.

Now, the reason I am writing this little sketch, is to point out that all this argument and expensive air-time is in reality a load of wasted hot air. The big question they should actually be addressing is the existence of God himself (itself). My point is this: there is no evidence whatsoever for the existence of God – any god. Belief in this Being is based upon an irrational unreason which might have seemed reasonable before the Enlightenment, but we know enough about the universe, and our reasoning and logic have advanced to the point where the very idea that there could actually be a god makes as much sense as arguing over how many fairies can dance on the point of a needle. I am not going to waste time writing out the details of why I am totally convinced of the non-existence of God - for the moment at least. It has always been my experience of convinced religionists that their minds are (in the main) closed to reason and logic, and trying to argue your corner with these people is like farting against the wind. Even so, there are a few who make it out of La La Land, I being one of them.

So – returning to the question over whether there should be a division between Church and State. The answer to this is most obviously “yes” because the Church is based upon an erroneous belief in a God which doesn’t actually exist. This renders their bishops valueless in any issues of import to the State because their whole world view is based upon an untenable notion.

Its time the world woke up and stepped into the wonderful light of reason. Think of all the wars which have been waged because of belief in God. Think of all the dead. Think of all the suffering. Think of all the obscene waste of human resources and creativity in promoting a non-existent entity. God is a neurosis which needs eradicating from the human psyche. Imagine what a far better future we could have without a humanity burdened by religion.

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