Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Misha B'd off!

Last night I was fuming when Misha B and Janet Devlin were at the bottom of the heap on the X - Factor Results Show. The reason I was feeling this way was because I just KNEW Janet Devlin would be voted off. In fact, as far as I was concerned they might as well have not even bothered with the "Sing - Off" - it was a foregone conclusion which way the judges would take it.

As far as I am concerned Janet Devlin is a much better singer than Misha B. Shock horror.....!!! - How can I possibly say that?????  Well, I'll tell you why and it is this. Misha B is just plain boring. Yes, she has a good, powerful voice, but there is nothing special or unique about it. Its like a million other voices I have heard like that - and instantly forgettable. Janet Devlin, on the other hand, has a very quirky and distinctive voice, and one which is memorable. She has her own distinctive style,  somewhat ethereal,  unique and original, and one which sets her apart from the other contestants - and certainly from Misha B.

I found it particularly annoying that the judges did not vote her off purely on the basis of the sing - off, which is what I thought the sing - off was for. Its a bit like a jury finding someone guilty on the basis of something other than the evidence which was presented at the trial, and that just sucks. The songs which each of them sang were completely different in both genre, tone and style, with Janet Devlin singing a very controlled, atmospheric and emotional song, while Misha B sang an entirely predictable song which entirely relied upon the power of her voice to make it's mark. The judges followed their unspoken agenda, and duly gave Janet her marching orders. There is no way Misha B is not going to make it to the finals because the judges seem to think she will sell millions of records which she won't because she is unoriginal with nothing to define her from all the others who sound just like her. The judges will always save her because they have no imagination or appreciation of true creativity.

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Anonymous said...

What I don't get is how Misha, who has been in the bottom two three times is able to stay whilst Janet, who has only once been in the bottom two, has to go. It seems ridiculous, and completely against what the public wants, otherwise they wouldn't keep voting Misha into the bottom two.