Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late night Ramblings

I can't believe we are nearly into February already. It only seems like 30 days ago it was the beginning of January, and here we are - 30th January. How weird is that??

The wife and I went 10 pin bowling last night and we wiped the floor with the opposition which was nice. The floor is a lot cleaner now.

Tonight we stayed in and chilled. We watched "Egg Heads" as is our daily ritual. We are getting a team up at work to go on the show. I should be OK as I've managed to remember all the 6 wives of Henry VIII, so I can't fail.

I've also decided to start writing short stories, some of which I will publish on this blog. I was looking through my files earlier this evening for a short story I wrote about 4 years ago. I can't find it which is sooooooooo frustrating. All that effort and creative whatnot wasted! One day someone will come across it, claim it as their own, publish it, and make a fortune. This will be followed, no doubt, by an appearance on Jonathon Ross, followed by a film signing and finally die of a heart attack while being mobbed by adoring but hysterical fans.

It really is time I went to bed.

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