Sunday, November 15, 2009


So Hollywood are releasing the ultimate disaster movie - "2012". Unless you just like sitting watching a load of digital effects for their own sake, then I would suggest don't waste your time, or money and give this one a miss.

Why would I say a thing like this? - because it is a load of tripe informed by a naive belief in the validity of some supposed prophesies made by the Mayan Indians some 1400 years ago. To be precise, we are told their calendar runs out on December 21st 2012. On this date, we are to believe that some awful cataclysm will take place which brings about the end of human history.

Well, what do we know about the Mayans?

First off they were a very primitive and barbaric. They were advanced in terms of their ability to build huge stone structures and to invent a horrible religion which demanded the ritualistic slaughter of the team captain of the losing side for their version of "Match of the Day".

They were very good at recording changes and movements of celestial objects in the sky. So they were able to make certain seasonal predictions based upon relatively accurate naked eye sightings. Link this in with their religious beliefs and you get a cosmology which is enshrined within irrational myth, legend, superstition, - all of which can also be said of Astrology which many people continue to follow (sadly) today - along with religion.

Given these facts, it is completely obvious that their ability to predict anything beyond the rainy season and when it might be a good time to plant some crops has to be zero.

I do not expect anything to happen on December 21st 2012 which is out of kilter with the usual everyday horror story of normal human history. Don't get taken in by it. Don't believe it. Don't let Hollywood tempt you into parting with your money for it. Its all clap trap and it won't happen. Thats a prophesy.

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